Is Libra Coin Safe ⛑?

Is Libra Coin Safe ⛑?

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The biggest question on the web today is about the safety of Libra coin. However, Is libra Coin safe?
Moving money around globally should be easy and even more safe and secure than sending messages to friends. I mean with Libra you ought to live better lives and safety is a priority.

Libra Reserve is stable.

The Libra Blockchain is a distributed system that manages both ownership of Libra and the transfer of Libra from one user to another. 

Here, we list the main features that make Libra Coin Safe for its users.

  • A Secure Network and Software
  • Reliable Validator Nodes
  • Protecting User Privacy

The Libra Association recognizes the importance of privacy on the public blockchain — but also recognizes the risks of misuse. Transactions are created by users of the system and typically contain information such as the sender and receiver’s public blockchain address and the transaction amount. Transactions do not contain links to a user’s real-world identity.

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Working with Law Enforcement

As with any currency or financial infrastructure, bad actors will try to exploit the Libra network. While the network is open and accessible to everyone with internet access, the network’s main endpoints will need to follow applicable laws and regulations and collaborate with law enforcement. In addition, because transactions on the Libra Blockchain are unknown, it is possible for third parties to do analysis to detect fraud and illegal activity.

Yes, Libra Coin is Safe

Libra Founding Partners
Libra Founding Partners

Libra is safe, based on the point given above and moreover, Libra Coin was founded and is back by more than 20 top ranking companies in the world financial system. I mean if Libra is not safe, it means the credibility of companies like Visa, Master Card, PayPal etc… will be questioned.

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10 thoughts on “Is Libra Coin Safe ⛑?

  1. I think Libra Coins is safe. If not, why is backed by companies we already trust with our money. I mean who does not have a Visa or Master card, use PayPal, Coinbase lol… did you take a look at that picture, everybody in the money business is involved. LIBRA IS SAFEST.

    1. Yeah good point @kelly, I personally think so too. Why would all these companies rally together to make farce.

  2. sono molto felice di trovare aiuto sul tuo blog, nonostante abbia bisogno di tradurre prima di leggere perché sono italiano.

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